Maximising tube quality with conscientious design

ERW tubes come in a wide array of different shapes including circular, square and many other rounded and angular shapes. Some producers can make unique shapes that combine the two, such as tunnel shaped tubes that have flat bottoms and rounded tops. Modern machinery has greatly increased the number of design possibilities, enhancing the sector along the way.

Electric resistance welded tubing is more flexible than seamless tubing, and can be made in a wider range of shapes and sizes. This means it is most suited for non-standard sized applications, particularly large scale ones. The technique requires care and precision because the sheet steel needs to be bent and rolled with care to produce the required shape.

The most important thing to consider when creating ERW tube is where the seam will be located. This is crucial because it will have a big impact on the strength of the tubing. Seams are the weakest point because they are the place where the two ends of the sheet steel meet, so they need to be welded to a very high standard. By positioning the seam in the right place you can also protect it from heat, abrasion and other problems that would typically result in higher wear to weak points.

We are a highly experienced ERW steel tube supplier and manufacturer located in the West Midlands, using our years of experience to create products in a wide range of sizes and specifications. We are ISO 9001 approved and strive to offer the best standards in everything we do, from the tubes themselves to the quality of customer services we offer.

We can take on all kinds of jobs, from standard sizes to both large and small bespoke orders. In the first instance we can offer a rapid service thanks to our large stock and efficient cutting service. Bespoke orders take a little longer to make but we always strive to offer the shortest timeframes we can.

If you would like more information about ERW tube or want help with product design please contact us. We will happily discuss your ideas and different tubing tolerances with you so you can make the best choices.