The manufacturing process for our steel tubes

ERW (electric resistance welded) is the most common type of tubing. It is relatively simple to manufacture, particularly with modern machinery. This makes it a cost effective option. ERW tubes can also come in a very wide range of different shapes, diameters and lengths so they can meet all kinds of different requirements.

Steel is the most common material used to make ERW tube. This is because it is strong and sturdy whilst also being able to be rolled, shaped and welded. The process to make the sheet material into tubes is interesting. When starting off the edges of the material are trimmed to get the conditions right for welding. Once this is done the steel is put through a series of rollers that are specially contoured to shape it. It is a cold process and produces strong tubes.

Once the steel is shaped into the tube (whether it is circular, square, rectangular or a specialist shape) it needs to be welded. This can either be done using spot or seam welding. In most cases the edges of the tube will be pushed together under pressure to ensure a good join. This is then flash welded to complete the seam. Afterwards additional material from the welding process can be ground away to leave a smooth surface.

After tubes are welded the join needs to be tested to ensure it has the right tolerance. This is vital because the seam will be the weakest part of the tubing and could split apart if it is not used in the right conditions. Once it is determined that the weld is strong and sturdy the tube can go through sizing rollers to finish it off and make sure the size is precise.

At Union Steel we specialise in manufacturing high quality ERW tubes to suit our client’s specifications. Our products are used for many different purposes across countless industries. We are proud to be the leading ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands and take great pleasure in fulfilling special orders. Whatever your needs we can provide tubing that will exceed your expectations in terms of quality and value.