ERW Tubes produced to precise specifications

We specialise in the supply of strong and durable ERW steel tubes, and our customers know they can rely on us to produce steel tubes that are suitable for use in a varied range of applications. We have become a trusted name throughout the UK as we consistently design and manufacture some of the highest calibre steel tubes in the industry.

Quality and unfaltering professionalism is paramount when it comes to steel tube production, as the strength and resistance of the tubes can be compromised during the cutting and shaping process. We are accredited with several certificates including ISO 9001, and we have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We have acquired a first class reputation since we established our company, and we strive to maintain it by delivering outstanding services and products.

We pride ourselves on satisfying every customer request. We can swiftly and efficiently complete any order regardless of size, and we manufacture our products with meticulous attention to detail. As a large company we have the facilities to fill large orders, but we are also committed to delivering a personal and attentive service to each individual customer.

Our customer base is diverse which means we are regularly presented with many different product requests, all of which we are fully able to meet. We produce ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands that match your specifications and we can adapt our services in accordance with your requirements. We can meet urgent order requests, and ensure you remain on schedule and meet all project deadlines rather than being left to wait around for your required components.

If we receive an order locally, we will dispatch on the same day, and we always send all UK orders as soon as possible the following day. If you’re in need of steel tubes that will be delivered swiftly, at an affordable price and with a high specification finish, we are the company to choose.