Affordable and accurate cutting services

Since 2004, our team have been providing high quality ERW tubes to customers across the country. We serve the entire UK with the exact products that they want, straight from our location in the West Midlands. We don’t just offer a variety of generic, in-stock tubes, but a range of cutting services to ensure our customers get the exact products they need for their specific purposes.

We have access to the latest steel cutting technology, which allows for the best possible results to be generated by our team. We have kept up to date with emerging technology, thus allowing us to offer professional steel cutting services for every client who needs tubes of a customised size. We primarily implement hand cutting, laser or water jet cutting. Hand cutting allows for greater control over the results, whilst laser jets create a very precise measurement of tube. Water jet cutting is particularly suitable for creating smoothly finished cuts. We offer a standard tolerance of ± 0.5mm on all cut tubes, though this can alter depending on your needs with tighter tolerances available.

We cut tubes of numerous thicknesses, weights, sizes and shapes, so it’s safe to say that whatever you require, you can depend on us. Our specialist steel cutting services are complimented by a number of extras, providing additional finishes. We can debur the tube for a smooth, neat finish, or we can perform zinc or chrome plating for additional beauty and durability.

Regardless of the size of the task at hand, we will do all that we can to provide you with the best possible results. We have the skills necessary to create the exact ERW tubes that you need and we can complete any task required of us, whether it’s large or small. As we are ISO 9001 approved, you can be assured that we always produce excellent quality work.