Improving quality and standards with ERW tubes

The quality of ERW tubes has improved over the years thanks to advances in technology and a deeper understanding of the causes of issues. You can now purchase welded tubing that offers fantastic aesthetics and performance, making them useful for a wider array of applications.

One area where the tubes have improved in particular is the quality of the welds. The tubing can be joined together more effectively than ever before, creating strong, durable bonds. The weld seam can even be hidden effectively, both on the inner and outer diameter.

A smooth inner diameter is important for a number of applications. If the tubing is being used for carrying gas or liquid the lack of a seam reduces the risk of a ridge that could catch deposits of minerals. This is great if you are worried about blockages occurring and restricting flows.

Smooth inner diameters are also really good if the tubing is being used to house cabling. It means the cables can be run through the tube effectively without running the risk of catching and getting damaged. As a result installation should be much easier and more effective.

At Union Steel Tubes we can create ERW tubes to suit a wide array of requirements. If you need tubing with a smooth inner and outer diameter we can provide it for you, ensuring the quality meets the very highest standards. Whether you need round, square, rectangular, or even oval tube variants we can provide them for you.

Over the years we have carefully invested in the very best technology, ensuring we push quality and standards forwards. As a result we have remained able to cater for the diverse needs of our clients and expanded the number of applications we can provide products for. If you have a project in mind that requires unique ERW tubes we can deliver them for you, even offering assistance with design to ensure you choose the right shapes and sizes.