Analysing welded and seamless tubing

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Typically, welded tubes are more cost effective than the seamless models. With greater lead times, it’s possible that seamless tubes will be exposed to unspecified alloying cost extras, which can alternate massively. This makes it hard to determine the true cost. As such, in addition to quicker delivery times, there’s a lower economic risk with welded options.

ERW tube tends to have a superior surface quality on both the ID and OD when compared to other materials. Before manufacturing even takes place, the internal surface can be examined. Since the bottom or top surface of the pre-substance shall become the tube’s ID eventually, the likelihood of a casting defect being on the welded tube’s ID is pretty much non-existent, as long as there are decent production process control conditions present.

While it’s true that welded tubes offer a series of advantages, seamless variants are still used extensively, with the two even being able to complement each other. Tubes that are comprised of austenitic stainless steels can typically be found in both welded and seamless construction, while seamless tubes excel in highly specialised and non-weldable grades.

When seamless tubes are compared to their welded counterparts, no additional weld integrity testing, higher corrosion resistance and not having a heat affected zone are some of the reasons that work in their favour. These are usually standard and application dependant however and can be handled via the appropriate allocation of manufacturing and finishing strategies for welded merchandise.

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