Ensuring fast delivery in times of high demand

The demand for ERW tubes is expected to experience significant growth over the next two years. This is the case in terms of both the UK market we supply and around the world. Market analysts anticipate that the demand increases from the last four to five years will continue until at least 2019, with the overall figure of demand expected to grow by around 3.5% per annum.

One of the most interesting aspects of this growth is the diversification of industries and sectors where demand is coming from. In traditional terms the ERW steel tube market was considered to be limited to the construction and automotive manufacture industries. Due to the advances in production methods for this form of tubing – and the higher quality – it’s now the case that virtually every sector makes significant use of them.

A key factor that’s made us the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands clients call on is our capacity to deliver no matter how high the demand level is. We have always appreciated the urgency with which our valued customers need to take delivery of the steel tubes we supply. In order to do this we maintain a significant stock level of the most common or frequently used size and shapes of tubing. That means we can generally ensure products from our stock are delivered within 48 hours.

Whilst the increase in demand for ERW tubes is good news in itself, it is understandable that there are some concerns. This is particularly true in terms of a shortage or problem with supply. We’d like to assure you that this is not the case, whether you are one of our longstanding valued clients or are new to our services. Our commitment to service excellence means that we anticipate and plan well in advance, ensuring that we can always meet your requirements.

If you are looking for products from the ERW steel tube suppliers West Midlands based customers rely on the most, please contact us. We will deliver products that meet your requirements for high quality whilst also providing and fast delivery times. We look forward to discussing your needs, and of course to making our outstanding services available to you.