Activation is crucial to plating quality

At Union Steel Tubes we strive to offer the highest quality products, ensuring we use the best techniques and top of the line equipment to achieve just that. We have built a great reputation, becoming the most highly regarded provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands based businesses can deal with.

One of the major downsides with mild steel tubing is that the material is prone to corrosion. As a result the products regularly need to be given a protective coating to protect them. This can include galvanisation or painting. Alternatively the tubes can be plated with zinc or chrome, two materials that are corrosion proof.

Plating is a popular choice when people also want to improve the aesthetics of the tubing. By adding zinc or chrome the surface finish and colour can be altered whilst simultaneously protecting the steel substrate.

When it comes to plating though it is important the process is done professionally or the finish and level of protection will be compromised. A particularly important process is to ensure the metal is properly activated. This removes any oxide on the surface of the material as well as other contaminants that could have an impact on the bonding.

If the activation process is overlooked issues such as delamination, blistering, skip plating, or staining can occur. All four of these problems will ruin the finish, aesthetics, and even the performance of the materials.

When we provide plating we ensure the results meet the very highest standards. Our team are highly trained and take care with every single section of tube. The products we offer should not suffer from any of the issues mentioned above and we are confident they will tick all of the right boxes.

If you want to see why we are the provider of ERW tubes West Midlands businesses call on so frequently please get in touch. We will assess your needs and determine exactly what products you need. Afterwards we will manufacture and deliver them as efficiently as possible.