Achieving the quality and production rate you want when cutting ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes we keep cutting services in-house so we can provide a faster turnaround for clients and cater for a wide array of different length requirements. Over the years we have received orders for long and short ERW tubes alike, from pieces just a matter of inches long to sections that stretch several metres. In each case we deliver the highest quality we can.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to cutting tubing is there are so many different methods to use. You could employ a hand saw, user a laser, choose shearing, utilise rotary equipment, or select one of several other options. Settling on which method to use is important as it has an impact on everything from the finish to the time the job takes.

The first thing you should think about when you consider cutting ERW tubes is the quality of the edge. Ideally you want a clean, even cut that won’t require too much in terms of finishing. Additionally you want to ensure that the shape of the tubing is not affected during the cutting process. You don’t want any flattening or warping due to the downward pressure.

The production rate that is required will have a big impact on which cutting method is used. Manual techniques are unlikely to be employed when a large number of tubes are needed because the process is relatively slow. Care needs to be taken though to ensure that quality is not sacrificed for speed.

The cutting service we offer is designed to deliver the quality and production rate that is required. We have high quality equipment and a well trained team so you can expect the very best results from us. Our products are used by clients in a wide array of industries, fulfilling a variety of different applications.

If you are looking for quality ERW tubes cut with precision to your exact specifications we are the provider for you. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.