Cutting different shapes of ERW steel tubes

Our focus on quality has helped us to become the supplier of ERW steel tubes West Midlands based businesses trust to deliver the products they need. Over the years we have always set the highest standards and made the right investments to achieve them. That is why we have such a great array of equipment at our disposal as well as a highly talented team.

One application we regularly do is cut the steel tubes to different sizes to ensure they meet the needs of our clients. To speed up the manufacturing process we generally make stock tubing in long lengths that can then be cut to size when an order is received. The end result is a shorter lead time and a faster turnaround. The challenge is we need to do the cutting in house with great precision.

Fortunately for us we have the cutting equipment to deliver accurate, precise cuts. We have many, many hours of experience behind us and will deliver the very best results whether it is a short or a long section.

Different shapes of steel tubing present their own challenges when it comes to cutting. Rounded ones like circular and oval are difficult to clamp in place and always want to rotate when they are being cut. Any problem can ruin them. Angular tubes such as square and rectangular can be placed and clamped easily. Unfortunately care is needed to ensure the shape is not warped during cutting. The cut must also remain precise when it is working though thick pieces of material.

Over the years we have found the perfect solutions to keep steel tubes in place so they can be cut without damage or warping. This has helped us to achieve our goals of meeting the best standards. We do this consistently and ensure every client is happy.

If you need ERW steel tubes and want to work with a West Midlands producer who enjoys a fantastic reputation, we are the company for you. Please get in touch or browse our website to find out more about some of the products we have to offer.