The role of filler materials in corrosion resistance

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When welding stainless steel tubing, there’s no voodoo involved. Joint preparation, welding processes, adequate selections of filler metals and cleanliness all contribute towards a final product that not only meets the necessary standards, but also maintains its corrosion resistant characteristics. On the other hand, enhancements in established techniques and operations enable manufacturers to amplify productivity without giving up the corrosion defences.

Choosing filler metals for stainless steel tubes is all about upgrading the weld’s properties and matching the application’s specifications. Those filler substances that possess an “L” designation, like ER308L, offer a smaller max carbon content. This aids in preserving corrosion shielding for low carbon stainless alloys.

For example, when welding a 304L base metal alongside a standard 308-filler metal, the carbon content of that joint shall increase, heightening the possibility of it corroding. For high purity applications, such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage ones, the low carbon content is vital for conserving corrosion resistance.

Filler metals that have a “H” designation hold greater carbon contents for those applications that need considerable strength, especially at high temperatures. Filler materials with inflated silicon levels, like ER309LSi, enhance tie-ins and intensify travel speeds and weld puddle fluidity for better productivity.

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