How do chemical elements affect steel?

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As many people know, the mechanical performance of steel tubing and plate depends on two elements. The first is the type of heat treatment. As for the second, this is the most important one. It is the chemical elements. These can have quite the effect on steel alloys. We are going to go over some of the effects they have here.


The effects of chromium in steel can amplify wear and corrosive resistance, hardness, and strength. It is a crucial alloy element of stainless steel. It is the same for heat-resistant steel plate and tube. On the other hand though, it can lower the toughness and plasticity.


Adding nickel to a steel alloy can enhance strength while preserving decent toughness and plasticity. It gives the metal a wonderful corrosion resistance to alkalis and acids. In addition, it will be heat resistant and anti-rust. However, it is a scarce resource, meaning that people often look to use other alloy elements. If you are after the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has, contact our team.


The effect of molybdenum can lead to refinements in the steel grain. Furthermore, it can improve the thermal and hardening capabilities. It is also capable of maintaining a great level of creep resistance and strength. Deformation happens when there is long term stress at high temperatures. But, if you add molybdenum to structural steel it can amplify its mechanical attributes. What’s more, it is able to inhibit the brittleness that comes from quenching.


This is a strong deoxidiser when you add it to steel. It is capable of making the interior structure dense, and can provide fine grain strength. Furthermore, it lowers cold brittleness and ageing sensitivity. Another area it helps with is welding performance. By adding the right amount of titanium, you can prevent interior grain corrosion.

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