Metal polishing tips – Getting it right

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Some people use metals for tubes because of their aesthetic benefits. This is in addition to the mechanical attributes. In these instances, you may need to polish your tubing to obtain the necessary look. There are all kinds of ways you can polish metal. But, you must make a number of considerations before you start polishing. Below we will look at some of the most crucial ones.

Mirror finish

Polishing enhances a metal’s surface quality. Moreover, it makes it increasingly lustrous. This is important when people need to display pieces of artwork. Usually, people will polish the metal and then opt for metal buffing. The result is a proper mirror-like finish. It can be stunning for all kinds of projects.

Removal of contaminants

There is also another reason why you should polish metal. You need to remove surface contaminants for crucial projects. Polishing helps here by abrading the metal exterior to get rid of anything that should not be there. The contaminant or flaw might not be visible to the naked eye. However, unpolished metals have contaminants and variations in droves. Let us know if you require top quality ERW tubes.

Tackling corrosion

Something else polishing can accomplish is lowering the risk of corrosion. This is because it minimises the amount and size of the crevices on a metal exterior. These can promote corrosion. Getting rid of them means there are fewer places where it can take hold.


When it comes to metallurgic evaluation, metals tend to get polished. This is because it is the leading way of observing the discontinuities, defects, and crystal structures of a metal. It is done by using observation devices.

The polishing process

As for the actual polishing process, it begins with rubbing a metal exterior against a coarse grit abrasive substance. After polishing a metal thoroughly using a particular grit size, you should repeat the procedure. Do so using a finer grit size. Such repetition occurs multiple times until achieving the correct level of polish.

The abrasive substance on the polishing wheel that gets used depends on the type of substance and its hardness. Softer metals might need silicon carbide. As for harder metals like engineering steel, you might need to use aluminium oxide. In many cases, people use a liquid whilst polishing to stop the massive heat produced by friction.

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