Think twice about using seamless tubes over ERW ones

Our business has always taken pride in our ability to handle any size order for its clients. This is very important with specialist products like ERW tubing. People need these goods for specific purposes. As a result, we have to make certain that we get everything right. Our dedication to this and satisfying the clients are the reason we have become the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Being experts in the tubing industry, we have clients asking us all kinds of questions. One we often get is about the differences between electric resistance welded (ERW) and seamless tubes. The primary distinction would be that you make seamless by piercing a solid rod of material. As a result, there is no break or weld seam. With ERW tubing, there is a weld that creates a longitudinal seam. You don’t form the tubes as complete pieces.

A cheaper option

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsSteel ERW tubes tend to be cheaper to create since the procedures are less complex. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking this makes them less effective than seamless tubes. The distinctions in reliability, longevity, and strength between the pair are not as great as the price tags might indicate. In reality, people tend to opt for seamless tubes because they need them for specific construction projects. They also come in useful when the additional strength would make a considerable difference. Moreover, they would justify the higher costs.

The lower cost of ERW tubing is just the beginning though. In addition to the production being cheaper, there is more flexibility and freedom with these designs. For instance, you can generate a much smaller diameter of tube utilising the ERW approach than is possible with the seamless operation.

If you have a particular diameter and size requirement, ERW is certainly the greatest choice for you. With these products, you will have the right size and won’t have to put up with any inaccuracies. Let us know if you would like to work with the finest ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Circular isn’t the only option

The possibility of generating smaller diameters isn’t the sole shape and size benefit here either. There is no need for ERW tubes to be circular. In fact, we offer numerous different shapes and sizes ourselves. You can opt for oval, rectangular, and square ERW tubes if circular doesn’t work for you. This benefit is one that further guarantees that the tubing you require is available in the form you need it to be.

The top ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes, we always produce our ERW tubing to the highest possible quality. As a result, our services are worth the money. We test every tube to ensure it is up to standard and have them delivered as quickly as we can.

When you choose us, you will be working with the leading ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has to offer. So, if you would like to purchase our merchandise, contact us today.