ERW tube is excellent for gym equipment

If you look at almost any town in the UK you will probably find at least one gym. In cities there can be dozens. They are a massive part of modern society. In each gym you can find all kinds of equipment for health and fitness. Many of them feature ERW tube. As a leading producer of this tubing, we want to take a closer look.

How did it begin?

ERW tubeWhile gyms are very common today, it wasn’t always the case. In fact, before the 80s they were quite rare. You might find one in your town, but it would likely just be an add-on to a local leisure centre.

At the time, exercising in a gym wasn’t the norm. In fact, people would get most of their exercise just from working. Jobs were more physically demanding, so there was no need to do any extra.

However, the UK moved away from this kind of economy and became a services economy. Today the majority of people don’t have jobs that demand a lot of physical activity. A lot of us sit at a desk for hours instead. As a result, there is more demand for spaces where we can exercise. Hence the boom in the popularity of gyms.

Gym culture also took off in a huge way. More people chose it as a hobby and would go to the gym to socialise. Today fitness is a huge industry, worth trillions. This includes everything from gyms to equipment, clothing, and food and drink.

ERW tube in gym equipment

As we said above, a lot of equipment in gyms features ERW tubes. For example, you can see it in treadmills, step machines, strength equipment, and more. Weights, racks, benches, and more can also be tubing.

Tubes are great here for a number of reasons. Primarily, it is the strength that really counts. Equipment must be strong and durable so people can use it safely. The durability also ensures it will last a long time.

Tubing has an advantage of being lightweight too. That helps to make gym equipment more mobile for easier placement and use.

The shape of ERW tube also gives the advantage of creating equipment that is easy to adjust. The key here is telescopic tubing. That makes it easier to change the height or length.

Manufacturers can provide tubes that have very close tolerances. This is great news for gym equipment. It will speed up assembly as well as ensuring both consistency and safety.

Finally, tube can have a really consistent surface. It can make it easier to paint or add a finish like chrome. In turn, it can result in gym equipment that looks fantastic.

Do you want to order tubing?

Union Steel Tubes produces quality products for all kinds of needs. Our range is extensive, including round, square, rectangle, and even oval tube. As a result, our clients can choose exactly what they need. They can then select a finish if they need something like galvanisation or chrome plating.

So, if you want some of the UK’s best ERW tube, shop with us. We can arrange delivery for you, even providing next or same day services where possible. Get in touch today to learn more.