Are blocked drains harmful?

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Tubes are crucial to direct water to drains and safely away from properties. However, there are many reasons why they get blocked. It may be due to an accumulation of hair, grease, food waste, or soap. In some instances, the tubing material could also be corroded.

Slow drainage

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsOne of the most obvious problems you will encounter is slow draining plumbing. With solids clogging your tube, the water won’t flow correctly. It can take a very long time for a sink or bath to drain.

At first, the issue might appear negligible. However, it can get worse and worse. Depending on the tube, you may get to a point where you are not able to take showers. Businesses may find they can’t continue operations or wash dishes. In some instances, a blocked drain influences the entire establishment or household. Unless you fix it, you can’t carry on normally.

Leaks and flooding

In some scenarios, a blockage does not cause much trouble. But, if the issue persists it could cause flooding and leaks. This can lead to messy situations and big bills for repairs and cleaning.

When the tube’s contents can’t get to the right place, it can lead to water flowing back up your plumbing. In some cases the water pressure might accumulate in the tube. It can lead to the material bursting and leaking. Talk to us if you need the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Property damage

When the flooding and leaks persist, the water can pool in the foundation of your property. Moreover, it can lead to an over-saturation of soils. Both can undermine the stability and integrity of your building.

Floods can harm ceilings, walls, and floors, making them fragile and weak. The discolouration and water stains on the exteriors also influence how the space appears. This can result in expensive repairs and a lower property value.

Even if you don’t experience flooding, leaks can pose a threat to your house. Water might travel down wiring and get to electrical outlets. In the worst case scenario, there will be a short-circuit. A fire can start as well. When you spot water pooling in these locales, take steps to fix the problem.

Health risks

If you don’t fix a blocked drain straight away, the water can become a breeding ground for bacteria. This can result in health risks for those residing in the structure. Wet conditions can hasten the development of mildew and mould too. It can trigger symptoms for those that have allergies and asthma. Plus, mould can damage furnishings and timber, adding to property damage.

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