ERW tubes and furniture – Form and function

In the past most furnishings were wood and upholstery. However, the ability to mass produce metal tubing and adapt it precisely had a huge impact. Today, while you can still find lots of wooden furniture, metal tube frames dominate. They also appeal more to people who want an industrial or contemporary feel for their property. As the top provider of ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, we want to have a look at some of the important details here.

Lots of benefits

ERW steel tubes in the West MidlandsMetal tubing, especially steel can provide a huge combination of benefits for furniture. For example, it is strong, durable, and light. You can simultaneously create products that will last a long time but without making them too heavy and difficult to move.

Aesthetically, few materials can equal metal too. With steel, you can choose galvanisation or chrome plating to give parts a reflective, homogeneous finish. This is a style choice many people love, particularly in comparison to non-reflective wood. It also provides wonderful protection against environmental factors.


By far the best thing about metal tubing here is that you have freedom when it comes to the form. This is especially true if you come to us and start with the highest quality ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands.

The main thing is you can do more with a metal tube than you can with a piece of timber. This is because metals have higher ductility. As a result, you can roll them to create curves and rings. Or you can bend tight angles. It is all possible without the material breaking. This also defeats the need to cut and weld, maintaining the mechanical strength of the metal.

All you need is a skilful expert with the right equipment. They can adapt the metal tubing to precise tolerances. It can help with the creation of frames for chairs, tables, and much more. Parts can simply slot together during assembly, making the whole process quick and efficient.

Lifting columns

Metal tube is also perfect for creating adjustable furniture. A lot of people now want things they can adapt like chairs, desks, and even beds. The idea is to get the most comfortable height.

Tubing works very well with these products because you can easily make telescopic lifting columns. All you need is tube that can satisfy the requirements with very close tolerances. This can be different wall thicknesses. It is also important that the tube is consistent in terms of surface finish.

Ordering ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

At Union Steel Tubes we produce a broad range of products. This includes round, square, rectangular, and oval tube. It gives our clients a huge amount of choice when they are designing furniture and other items. They can be a wide range of dimensions, and we cut in house to different sizes too.

So, whatever you have in mind, when you need ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands, you should choose us. You can even get in touch to ask us for advice; we can share our extensive tubing knowledge with you.