Using quality ERW tubes to create axles

A lot of people have an interest in vehicles. It might be their passion, whether that is tinkering with cars, collecting, or motorsports. Or, it could be their job. Some might simply use vehicles and not give them much thought. So, people can have a varying amount of knowledge about different parts and what they are made of. Some will be well aware how useful ERW tubes are. Others won’t know what they are. We want to look specifically at using them for axles today to help you learn more.

What is an axle?

Axles play a vital role in various vehicles, including cars, vans, buses, and trucks. Primarily they are the central shaft and rotate with the wheels. What this actually does is control the power. So, without an axle, a vehicle won’t move. The axle also helps to support the vehicle’s weight.

The number of axles can vary by vehicle. Most will have two at least to rotate two sets of tyres. However, some larger vehicles like trucks have more pairs of wheels. This can be essential for carrying heavy loads. When they do, they need additional axles too.


ERW tubesThere are actually three broad categories of axle. You then have several different types in each one.

Firstly is the front axle. Their role is mainly to assist with steering so you have control over the vehicle. They also help to deal with shocks from driving on uneven surfaces. Types here include live (ones that rotate to give power) and dead (immobile). These specific ones need to be very sturdy, so if they are made of ERW tubes, they must be very high quality.

The second type is the rear axle. Its role is to deliver power to the wheels so you can move. These axles tend to be referred to as live because they rotate with the tyres. There are specific types such as semi, full, and three-quarter floating.

Finally we have the stub axles. They are smaller ones that attach to the front axle. Their role is to help with movement and steering. Most importantly, they can prevent the front wheels from moving independently on uneven surfaces to improve handling. Types include Elliot and Lamoine, as well as the reverse of each.

Using ERW tubes for axles

Metal tubing is best because it can be strong, sturdy, and durable. The shape also saves weight if you compare to solid rods. Plus, there is more flex with tube than you get with a rod. That is important for safety and performance.

The quality is important here though because of the massive risks. The welds need to meet very high standards. They must provide excellent penetration and should not have issues with porosity or undercutting. This ensures the axle will be strong and have excellent integrity. ERW is a great option.

One thing to look out for is the weld seam. It can have an impact on performance. That is another of the reasons why ERW tubes are great. The seams can be almost invisible. There is no use of filler material either. Plus, you can choose techniques to remove the seams.

Order exceptional tubing

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