Can robots cut steel tubes perfectly?

Advances in technology have allowed for production measurements to be made with a level of precision which wasn’t possible with a purely manual approach. The equipment available today allows for extremely low tolerances, which means that products can be measured and cut as an exact match to design specifications. It would, however, be incorrect to say that the technology itself makes this happen.

If you’ve seen reports about the emergence of technology such as driverless cars and companies using drones to deliver products, you may be tempted to think of a world where eventually every job will be carried out by machines alone. Such an outcome is possible, but not for many years. In the present day, the unique skills and abilities of trained professionals are still very much required to ensure that equipment is used to the fullest extent possible. Machinery which allows for precise measurement and cutting is remarkable, but ultimately it is only as good as the person who is using it.

Our work cutting ERW steel tubes perfectly illustrates the above. As a standard part of delivering the best service, our team ensure they are aware of the latest available equipment for steel measuring and cutting. We test all new and emerging forms of equipment, and adopt those which prove to enhance performance. At the heart of this is the understanding that it requires highly skilled professionals to get the best from any form of equipment. Our team are the best of the best.

While it is inevitable that at some point in the future automated steel tube measurement and cutting will happen to perfect levels, this is not the case in the present day. The variables and challenges which the process involves requires human knowledge, skill and to an extent intuition to ensure the work is carried out as required. It’s our ability to do this, no matter what the size or volume of work, which has made us the number one ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands.