Quality ERW tube to suit your application

ERW tube is still very widely used today because it is cost effective and can be manufactured in a wide array of shapes and dimensions. You can choose rounded or angular tubing, giving you the opportunity to select the style that best suits the intended function and aesthetics too. There are even processes to create products that have a round or angled exterior but a completely different shaped interior. This means you could have a circular tube with a hexagonal inner diameter for example.

Traditionally the weakness that people point out with ERW tubes is the seam where the edges are welded together to make the tube. Luckily welding processes have advanced a great deal, allowing the quality to move forward leaps and bounds. This means that the products can be welded to a very high standard, giving them a great deal of strength and stability.

At Union Steel we are committed to providing the highest quality tubing for clients all across the UK. To achieve this aim we work hard to make sure that every single length of tube we deal with is manufactured effectively and satisfies our standards. Those that don’t we will set aside and won’t dispatch to our clients.

As part of the quality checks we will look at the dimensions and each aspect of the workmanship, from the condition of the weld to the smoothness of the edges. If the ERW tube has been galvanised or plated to protect the substrate we will check this too.

We are pleased to offer our customers a huge selection of products and the ability to create their own bespoke ones if they need to. We offer this because we enjoy taking on challenges and want to deliver the perfect tubes to suit the widest possible number of applications.

If you have any questions you can contact us for information. We offer consultations and will help you to choose the perfect products to suit your needs.