Which shaped tube is best to use?

If you were to ask someone what they thought the main difference was between square and circle tubes we’d reasonably expect them to answer that it was the shape of them. This is of course correct, but it is far from being the only quality which separates them. In terms of which shape ERW steel tubes should be selected for use in a specific project, there are a number of factors which must be taken into account.

Firstly, whilst the shape itself is important, it’s rare that a form of tubing would be selected purely for the aesthetic value. In some instances only one particular shape will fit in with an overall design plan. In others it’s likely the shape that is chosen is the one that allows for a maximum level of efficiency. How the tubing fits in with the overall design is important, but what the tubing needs to do must also be given consideration.

ERW steel tubes are typically used because of the natural strength they have. The strength however is not consistent across different shapes. In typical circumstances a square shaped tube will offer a higher level of strength than any other. Should your requirement feature a need for tubing to withstand substantial pressure or considerable weight, the advice would always be to give consideration to using the square shaped option.

As a consequence of being stronger it should be noted that square shaped ERW tubing also tends to be heavier. On average a square shaped tube will weigh close to 20% more than round tubing. With this being the case, should the overall success of your project be dependent on reducing the weight by as much as possible then circle shaped tubes offer the best solution.

On the basis of this broad overview you can see that there are a wide range of considerations in terms of the choice made in regards of which shape should be used in different projects. Ultimately the decision will always be made on the basis of what will bring the best results rather than it coming down to which form has the preferred appearance. Our expert team in the West Midlands will give you all the assistance you require in determining which will be best for you.