The quality speaks for itself

Electric resistance welded (ERW) tubes are cold formed and can be made in huge lengths with uniform diameters and wall thicknesses along the entire length. To make the tube, a plate of steel is pulled through rollers to force the material into a cylinder. When the edges of the steel meet, an electrical charge is used to heat them and create a weld, forming the tube. This weld is then usually ground down to leave a smooth finish although some providers may leave it to the consumer to do this. Continue reading “The quality speaks for itself”

Providing your cut tubes with a professional finish

ERW and steel tubes are versatile items which can be used in a variety of different products as trustworthy components. As with any product, however, they perform and look their best when they are finished professionally. In order to provide you with professional looking tubes that perform extremely well, our team at offer a wide variety of processing services designed to provide you with professionally finished ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands and across the whole of the UK. From deburring to chrome finishes, we will transform your tubes according to your specifications. Continue reading “Providing your cut tubes with a professional finish”

Maximising tube quality with conscientious design

ERW tubes come in a wide array of different shapes including circular, square and many other rounded and angular shapes. Some producers can make unique shapes that combine the two, such as tunnel shaped tubes that have flat bottoms and rounded tops. Modern machinery has greatly increased the number of design possibilities, enhancing the sector along the way. Continue reading “Maximising tube quality with conscientious design”