Cutting and finishing our steel tube products

Here at Union Steel we have built our outstanding reputation by delivering a complete, end-to-end process. Our services are not limited to supplying ERW tubes of the highest quality for the most competitive pricing possible; we also make sure the tubes are cut and deburred to your exact requirements. With our help, you can achieve the highest level of efficiency possible for your project.

Traditionally, ERW tubes have always been very affordable as their production costs are lower than rolled, seamless tubes. However, the cost saving can be eroded or even lost entirely if you are in a situation where you need to cut and deburr the tubing yourself. For most purposes deburring is essential, as the ends of the tubes need to be smooth and free of sharp points to be effective. Cutting steel tubes requires specific equipment and the knowledge of how to carry it out correctly, particular when working with tubing which has a thick diameter.

Our talented team ensure you get the steel tubes you require cut, deburred and ready to use. Our purpose build steelworks include the equipment required to cut and deburr all of the ERW tubes we stock. The professionalism and precision of our cutting means that we can cut to order to the very highest standards of accuracy.

Our processes for steel tube cutting and deburring have been refined to deliver optimal results. We are able to meet tight deadlines for ERW tube requirements, and can do this in a way that does not compromise or jeopardise quality. Our valued clients trust us to deliver exactly to their requirements, and that’s what we do every time.

At this moment in the UK, there is growing demand for ERW tubes, both for construction work and for manufacturing projects. The continued growth and success of this work is dependent on the availability of high quality, affordable steel tubing. We will continue to keep delivering this to our diverse customer base.