Working with a diverse range of industries

Electrical resistance welding is one of the most widely used manufacturing processes in the world, and is essential for the production of high quality tubular components. We have built a reputation for consistently delivering a high quality selection of ERW tube products and excellent customer service.

Our premier products are second to none, and a result of over a decade at the forefront of our field. We are able to offer an unlimited service and successfully meet all requirements. We can produce more than 200 sizes of steel tubes, which is why we are confident that we can fill any order with speed and efficiency.

It has always been our primary aim to offer our customers a wide range of choice. Our tubes can be produced in many shapes including oval, rectangular, circular and square and with a variety of finishes. Chrome plate or zinc offers a flawlessly smooth appearance, whereas galvanised plate is ideal for a tough finish with a high resistance to rust.

We regularly work with all manner of industries and we strive at all times to offer precise solutions. From furniture, lighting and DIY to the automotive and scaffolding sectors, we are able to successfully meet every demand. Working from fully equipped facilities and using state of the art materials and high quality methods, we deliver strong and durable ERW tubes with a quality finish.

We have designed, manufactured and supplied our tubes and components to many different organisations in the past including schools, small businesses, several areas of industry and residential properties. Whatever length and weight of tube you require, we can produce each product to match your exact specifications. The advanced technology we use creates any desired angle no matter how small or complex.

We make sure every ERW tube is cut to the required size and subjected to a finishing process. We debur each tube to smooth out any protruding edges and we test the performance of each tube before sending them to customers, ensuring we can continue to deliver the finest quality ERW tubes to industry.