Affordable tubes for every application

Whatever size of ERW tubes you need, we are able to accommodate you. As we have invested in the latest cutting machinery, we can provide extremely fast tube cutting services complete with excellent finishes. Should you need the products for decorative as well as functional purposes, a number of finishes are available, including zinc and chrome plating. This gives clients plenty of options as our products are extremely versatile and well made. In addition, we extensively test all of our stock to reaffirm durability and service life.

We recognise that in some circumstances, our products may be needed at the last minute to complete an urgent task. That is why we offer same day delivery where we possibly can, and next day delivery if we are unable to do that. Those who are located close to us are able to visit us in-store to collect items on the day they need them. By making sure that we keep a large number of ERW tubes and other products in stock at all times, we’re able to fulfil urgent requests to ensure that there is no down time on your project.

One of our main goals is to provide a comprehensive support system for all clients, allowing us to stand above the rest of our industry. We take the time to understand individual requirements, helping us to ensure that we put out only the most accurate products. An ISO 9001 registered company, we are aware of health and safety precautions and always take care to retain the reputation we have built. If you need reliable and accurate ERW tubes, we’re the finest choice. Contact our knowledgeable and experienced team today for more information about the available options.