Electric resistance welding and the resulting tubes

As with any product, an ERW tube needs to be as strong as possible, and it needs to be capable of lasting a long time in the role that is required of it. One way of creating strong and durable tubes is through a process known as electric resistance welding. Electric resistance welding allows us to create tubes with high strength and incredible durability.

This is a relatively simple process that uses the power of electricity to forge a strong tube, usually from a sheet of steel. The sheet is rolled up into the shape of a tube, then welded. The electricity used generates enough heat to weld the tube favourably, whilst the pressure applied ensures that the tube is fully bonded together without defects and without an issue. This process results in tubes that are inherently stronger than tubes created out of a number of other materials.

Electric resistance welding can be performed in a short period of time whilst still providing high quality ERW tube products. The swift speed of the welding, as well as its general efficiency, also reduces the risk of indentations or imperfections caused by exposure to a high temperature for a prolonged period of time. A large number of welds can be performed quickly through this method, meaning that large numbers of tubes can be welded with relative ease.

We can carry out electric resistance welding on the vast majority of all of our tubes, covering a variety of shapes and sizes to ensure we can cover the needs of all our clients. With over two hundred different sizes, and a variety of shapes and qualities, we are able to cater for many different businesses and industries. We pride ourselves on offering only the best products to our customers and you can be fully assured that, when you use our ERW tube products, you will receive nothing less than the very best.