Processing services for cut tubes

We are well known for offering high quality ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands and throughout the UK, offering a comprehensive service to all of our customers. ERW tubes are strong, versatile and find use as parts for a number of purposes, which makes them highly sought after by a variety of businesses from many sectors. In order to provide our customers with the exact style of tube that they require, we offer a variety of processing services that are available following the tube being cut.

One of the foremost services we offer is deburring. Whenever a tube is moulded or cut, the edges are usually rough because of small raised edges and shavings. Though procedures such as laser cutting help to reduce the roughness, the tube may still need some extra work to ensure a smooth edge. Deburring involves smoothing the rough surface through sanding and polishing the end, providing a smooth finish that allows for tubes to be connected to each other much more easily. We use either a vibro or brush deburring method for a superior finish.

We can also offer galvanisation of your tubes. This is a process that involves zinc-plating the tube in order to provide it with extensive protection against corrosion and rust. Dipped into molten zinc, the tube comes away with a thick layer of zinc that protects the metal underneath while also being aesthetically pleasing. We also offer other protective coatings as well, such as zinc and chrome plating. Both of these provide a great-looking finish and superior protection.

As with our cutting and manufacturing processes, our processing services are carried out to the highest possible quality by fully trained staff. We pride ourselves on offering high quality ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands and a personal, friendly service for all of our customers. We are ISO 9001 approved and offer same or next day delivery, so all of our customers can rely on us for the work their business needs.