A high performance tool that’s in high demand

People often require high quality tubing. Our company is the top ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has to give. Being ISO 9001 registered, we’re able to handle any order that comes our way. At the same time, we can offer customers the level of care and accuracy that they need.

The welding stands are responsible for maintaining the continuity of ERW tube production. They do this continually and gradually. After professionals create the tubes, they perform several tests. For one they verify the tubes’ physical and chemical attributes. As a result they can ensure they will have no flaw.

During the past few years, the demand for ERW tube has risen a great deal. The applications they are used in include conveyors and railings. However people keep coming up with new uses.

Why are they popular?

ERW tubes have high deformability and performance. In addition, they have exceptional tolerance in their dimensions. Their longevity is also vital. The finishes can protect the tubing from corrosion too. The sheer number of sizes and shapes available draw people towards them as well. There are also other factors that have contributed to their rising popularity. They include their price tags and physical characteristics.


We normally place ERW tube in two categories. We do so according to the tubes’ general forms. These are the spiral and longitudinal varieties.


ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsNext, we’re going to look closer at the applications for these tubes. Agricultural and engineering experts use them very often. They can create various joints like the reducers, elbows, and also tees in fittings. One of their most common uses is transporting inflammable and flammable liquids.

At Union Steel Tubes, we want you to leave with top quality tubing. To ensure that it’s suitable for your needs, we start by asking what they are. Then using this information, we can determine what sort of tubing would be the best match.

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