Performing manual tube inspections

Sometimes, standard tubing just isn’t right for the job. In these instances, you need a bespoke product. We happen to be experts on providing these tubes. Union Steel is the best provider of ERW steel tubes West Midlands has to give. Have confidence that our goods are ones you’ll continue to use for years.

The thing to note about ERW tubes is that you fashion them from steel coils. Firstly you unfurl a coil to create a plate. Afterwards, you feed the steel plates through your tubing mills. Finally, you unite the edges longitudinally and use electronic resistance welding to join them.

During some cases however, there could be a misalignment of the plate edges. This can lead to an alteration in the weld throughout the whole welding procedure. The ideal way of locating and preventing complications is to perform an inspection.

A visual approach

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsWhen they make ERW tubing, an operator will have to track their weld visually. This is to make certain that the defect detection probes are lined up with the centre of the weld. The issue with this is that it depends on the operator’s skill and how steady their hand is. They also need to concentrate to get things done properly.

During the manufacturing, operators employ a scarfing tool to get rid of any surplus material that comes from the welding. This process results in changes to the wall thickness on each side of the weld. It’s possible to monitor this adjustment of the profile by using a dedicated inspection system. This will eliminate the need to track the weld manually.

At Union Steel Tubes, we have more than two hundred different tube sizes available for purchase. We always want our customers to have plenty to choose from. Examples include oval, circular, and seamless variations. This range means we offer one of the largest collections of ERW steel tubes West Midlands customers can ask for.

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