Stick with hot-finished tubes

No one can produce an ERW tube that matches the quality of our stock. This is why our customers choose us. We use the highest quality materials available to make tubing. In addition, they come in countless shapes and sizes to suit different situations. We have everything you need right in one place.

People have successfully employed ERW steel tubes for years. They’ve done so in industrial pipework and building installations. Yet, these days we’re seeing more people using imported, commodity welded tubes. They might prove to be less effective for tubing applications. Imports like these are invariably made via cold-forming. This means they start as strips of metal. The welding may be the only process they receive, so there is no extra processing to the weld region or tube.

The trouble with cold-formed tubes

As such, cold-formed tube tends to have a Heat Affected Zone. This is a patch of micro-structural distortion around the weld region that is often unwelcome. It leads to inconsistent mechanical properties and interior stresses. Both can result in performance and service life problems. There are installation and fabrication troubles too.

Better options

Some tubes undergo High Frequency Welding. This surpasses other varieties of ERW tube. Certain tubes are also hot-finished. Here, you take tubes to temperatures of 850 to 1,000 degrees Celsius. Then, you cool them to enhance the attributes. In addition you can remove flaws.pexels-photo-1381938

As a result these tubes are better than those made using cold-forming. They supply stress free and uniform performance. The service life is also greater. On top of this, they possess reliable and consistent mechanical characteristics.

At Union Steel Tubes, we commit to offering high standards to every client. Being an ISO9001 Registered Company, this is what clients expect of us. Since we’re in this position, we’re also able to handle orders of varying sizes.

When they buy ERW tube from us every client can expect quality products and a great service. If you require our help, please let us know.