You should use steel tubes for your future projects

Our establishment specialises in providing the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has. We have a wide selection of tubing in stock. This allows us to satisfy each client that shops with us. There are standard options and others such as pre-galvanised. We even strive to deliver our orders quickly so that you don’t have to wait long.

Steel tubing is a popular item that is great for a myriad of applications. Due to the fact that both have similar uses and are made of the same metal, pipes and tubes can get confused. In some instances, people use the terms interchangeably. However, differences exist, and they are clear. Furthermore, there are benefits with tubing that pipe lacks. What we want to do here is dive deeper into the advantages of using the tube for your projects.


ERW steel tubes West MidlandsYour project will likely require that products are strong. If it does, using steel tubing is the way to go. It is a well known fact that the metal is naturally durable and stronger than the majority of materials out there used for tubes and pipes. It also has a superior ability to resist pressure, shock, and vibrations.

One notable benefit is while they are under massive pressure, the tubes would bend rather than break. When they are unable to put up with the pressure, leaks will still be unlikely.

Steel tubing’s strength depends on its wall thickness. So, if durability is what you need, go after ones with thicker walls. To summarise, you can comfortably rely on steel tubes for projects needing strength.

So many shapes

The shape is the rule of thumb to rapidly differentiate between tubes and pipes. This is another benefit of steel tubing; it is available in different shapes. Round tube is an option, as is rectangular and square. If you have a circular tube, the longitudinal pressure would be distributed more evenly. At times though, rectangle or square tubes are necessary to fit the whole structure better.

Whatever the case, steel tubing offers plenty of choices to match your project’s demands. Talk to us if you need the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has.


The measurements of steel tubes always remain consistent along their length. This means the entire thing will have a consistent cross-sectional shape, diameter, and thickness. What it does is make it easier to calculate mass and size. When you purchase steel tubing, you can expect the wall thickness and outside diameter your order to be the same for the whole product.

Telescoping tubes

It is possible to telescope steel tubing, or have components sliding out from one another. You are free to attach multiple metal tubes, one smaller than the last one. It means you are able to shorten or lengthen it easily. Furthermore, it adds to the flexibility and adaptability. Telescoping tubes work wonders if you need adjustability for things like camera mounts, flag poles, or storage racks.

If you require metal tube here, you may want to use drawn-over mandrel type tubing. This is due to its lack of flash weld.


Besides steel tubing’s natural strength, it is famous for its rigidity. You will discover that the metal is hard to manipulate if you lack the right equipment. With steel tubes, you can expect them to hold their shape for a long time.

We offer the finest ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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So, please let us know if you need the finest ERW steel tubes West Midlands has available. We can help you to order, and even offer suggestions about shape, dimensions, length, and finish if you need advice.