Using ERW tubes in modular buildings

Improving the construction industry is a major goal for countries all around the world. The aim is to make it more sustainable and reduce the impact on the environment. There are lots of strategies here, such as looking at the materials to use and how we build. Prefabrication and modular buildings can be a great option. ERW tubes can help with this, offering lots of opportunities to create items ready to install.

Why is modular construction such a good idea?

ERW tubesPrefabrication is not a new concept. In fact, it was a very popular way to create housing in the UK after WWII. Over 156,000 prefab homes were made in factories and installed in different areas. While the idea was the housing would only be temporary, many are still standing and in use today.

There are two main reasons modular building was so popular. Firstly, it is quick and easy. Each build could take just a few days. In addition, it is also a very cheap way to create homes because it saves on labour costs and materials. They can be as much as 30% cheaper than traditional construction.

On top of this there are a number of sustainability benefits. This is especially true when using materials like steel ERW tubes that are recyclable at the end of their life.

Reducing waste

For one, this kind of building is great for minimising the amount of waste. If you compare to traditional construction, it could be as much as 50% lower. Factory production can be optimised to ensure fewer errors and to control inventory.

Reducing energy use

Conventional construction sites can consume a great deal of energy and produce a surprisingly large amount of emissions. You can lower both with prefabrication. The factories can be very efficient here. There will also be less energy consumption with transportation and installation.

Supporting adaptability, recycling and reuse

Traditional buildings are harder to adapt by their nature. They also tend to combine materials in such a way it can be hard to recycle or reuse them in the future. Modular building is vastly more adaptable. It can often be as simple as unbolting parts of the structure to rearrange them. Plus, it can make it easier for recycling and reuse, especially with things like steel framework and ERW tubes that can easily be removed.


Good designs can make modular buildings very resilient. Designers can create them to have high resistance to wind, earthquakes, and other natural conditions. They are easier and cheaper to adapt to these conditions too.

Talk to us about ERW tubes

There is plenty of scope for prefabrication and modular building to improve the built environment. It also helps that metal tube is dynamic and adaptable. There are many ways to alter it, such as bending, different options for end forming, and much more. They can help to create a wider range of components for buildings that can easily slot together.

If you are thinking of using ERW tubes, we would love to help. As you can tell from our name, we specialise in steel tubing. Our standards are exceptionally high here and we can support every customer. So, get in touch today to learn more about the various sizes we offer.