You have plenty of reasons to galvanise steel

Metals, particularly those with high iron content, are vulnerable to corrosion. This is where the surface becomes oxidised, damaging it. It often comes from exposure to conditions where there is oxygen and moisture. To safeguard these metals, a number of people make use of galvanisation. It has become an eco-friendly, time-saving, low maintenance, and cost efficient way of coating the metal. We are going to look at these benefits in more detail here, then you can come to us if you want products from the best ERW steel tube supplier in the West Midlands.

Understanding galvanisation

ERW steel tube supplier West MidlandsAs we said above, this is a coating method that relies on introducing a zinc layer to metals. The intent is to create a corrosion resistant and durable finish. You can use a myriad of galvanising techniques, but batch dipping and hot dip are the most popular. What you do is submerge components into molten zinc baths.

Before galvanisation, you need to give the metal proper surface preparation. You cleanse it to get rid of debris, grime, and dust. All of these can influence the adherence. Manufacturers will normally employ a mild solvent-based wax cleaner. It’s applied via a towel and dried before introducing a uniform zinc coating. What you end up with is a corrosion resistant and durable layer that protects the metal and its operating life.


One of the main benefits here is how durable the zinc is. Galvanisation supplies a strong layer. It stops rusting and increases the metal’s lifespan. If steel by itself can last 50 years, galvanising can increase the life by another 50 or 80 years.

Also, galvanised materials come with superior impact resistance. As such, you can use them for construction and other applications. Let us know if you need help from the foremost ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has.

Low maintenance

Mill-finished steel can need lengthy activities when it comes to maintenance. In many instances, corrosion resistance isn’t good. You can thank the high iron content.

Because of the corrosion, industries using iron or steel often need to dedicate a lot of time to maintain everything. It can include applying a dry coating or painting. Unlike these methods, galvanising lowers maintenance considerably. You don’t need much to guarantee the quality of the coatings. For industries, this is significant. They can devote more time and resources to other things.

Cost effectiveness

You can save money in many ways with galvanisation. For example, there are lower costs when you look at how much you need to invest to maintain the steel. Moreover, you won’t have to invest in post-processing or secondary techniques. This is the best choice in terms of simplicity and affordability.


In its barest form, steel is already eco-friendly. You can recycle indefinitely without it losing its original attributes. Also, steel manufacturing has become less intensive on resources so it is more sustainable. There is less waste and more productivity.

Zinc galvanisation adds to this. It has become a more environmentally friendly and reliable way of protecting steel. Since you can coat all exteriors of a part, you don’t generate much waste. Less scrap goes to the landfill. One other fact is that galvanisation doesn’t produce Volatile Organic Compounds. These are infamous for leaving high carbon footprints and creating greenhouse gases. In other words, the procedure is sustainable.

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