Welding tubes is superior to screwing them together

Being a top provider of any product means you need the ability to meet the specifications of your customers. Our team is capable of doing this with our ERW tube. There are all sorts of designs available. What’s more, we put each one through testing to ensure they can get the job done.

ERW stands for Electric Resistance Welding. People use the process on their tubes for a number of different reasons. We are going to reveal what some of them are.

No fittings

ERW tubeOne benefit of using welded ERW tube over other options would be the eradication of fittings. We are referring to those ones used to unite separate sections of tubing. With screwed tubes, you must have a fitting between each joint. This must be in straight runs of tube. With welding though, you can put it together in whatever form you desire, anywhere you like in a straight run of tubing. All that you need here is a prep on the ends.


In many instances where you don’t use threads, you might choose a thinner wall tube. For big jobs and long runs this can produce substantial cost savings. When you screw tubes together, there is a large amount of extra labour you need to use. It is necessary to thread the tube ends and place the fittings together. In addition, there are costs linked to all of the threaded fittings. At times, the gear to thread tube is more complex than the other straightforward pieces of welding equipment you can use.

Turbulence and fluid resistance

When there are screwed fittings present, there is a massive degree of turbulence. There is also a lot of fluid resistance to the flow through your tube. With a correctly welded system, you have something that is streamline and smooth.


Welded tubes are far easier to repair than those with screwed fittings too. When you weld, you can normally make repairs whilst keeping the tube in place. As for screwed tube systems, you need to disassemble them, do the repairs, and resemble everything again. There is a fair amount of work to handle and put the system together. This is without having any sort of leaks.

In many instances, welded tubes are also capable of handling vibration far better than their screwed counterparts. In a vibrating area, the weld won’t be as vulnerable to becoming loose and having leaks.

We can take on any project with ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes, we have the scope and equipment necessary to tackle any project. Moreover, we always keep different thicknesses, widths, and sizes in stock. This way, we can provide next or same day delivery when a client requests it.

If you require any of our ERW tube, be sure to contact the team. We can help you to place an order and also provide lots of advice if you need any.