Using ERW tubes to create handrails for public transport

Safety is absolutely vital on all kinds of public transport, from buses to trains and even boats and planes. One of the most important things on many of these is the handrails. Without them there would be far more injuries among people using the vehicles. Because they are so important, manufacturers need to use the best products. Quite often this is ERW tubes.

Why are the rails so important?

ERW tubesEveryone will have had to use some form of public transport or another at one point in their lives. People on trains and buses will likely have had a journey where there were no seats available. Here the only option is to stand. Luckily every bus and train has handrails for people to hold on to. They can help them to stand safely rather than having to balance with nothing to support them.

The railings are also very important for helping people actually get on and off vehicles. The step on and off can be tricky, especially for people with limited mobility. The risks of injury are also much higher when getting off because the vehicle itself may still be moving when they start making their way towards the doors. The handrails give people something to hold on to as they stand and move along the vehicle.

Using ERW tubes

Generally ERW tubing is the best option for these handrails. It is the most cost effective choice and can have more variety in terms of wall thickness. There are also lots of options in terms of finishing the tubes. This can include galvanisation to improve the aesthetics, wearing, and rust resistance. Some tubes also have a special coating to make them easier to grip.

At Union Steel Tubes we create ERW tube that can satisfy many needs. Our tubing is high quality and we can cut it to suit almost any needs. That means we can offer lengths to suit almost any kind of handrail. This includes shorter lengths for aisles or longer ones to create full height handrails for trains, buses, and other vehicles.

If you want to order ERW tubes or have any questions about our products, please get in touch. We are happy to help and always enjoy supporting clients with unique applications in mind.