Versatile range of steel tubes

We are one of the UK’s leading companies supplying a range of ERW tubes that are usable in a variety of different applications. From manufacturing and retail to construction, they can be used in a number of ways across various industries and sectors. As an established company for over ten years, we have successfully built a wealth of knowledge throughout this time. Now, we consistently provide the best standard of steel cutting services in the country and pride ourselves on our ability to handle any kind of order, whether large or small. You can always rely on us to provide what you need on schedule, never missing a deadline. All of our client’s requests are satisfied whilst never compromising quality. With over 200 different shapes and sizes of tubes, and with the option of cutting to your required dimensions, we are able to fulfil any need.

If you require square, rectangular, oval or circular tubes in any length or width we have you covered. Customer satisfaction has always been and will always remain one of our main priorities. In order for us to achieve this, we maintain commitment to first class service and quality. All customers are treated with equal importance and you’ll always receive personalised attention. Not only that but we also strive to ensure that you’re never left without a solution at short notice. In some cases, if you are in urgent need of tubing we can offer same day deliver in the local area and next day delivery for the rest of the UK. This avoids long and frustrating waiting periods. For even more convenience you can also collect from us on the same day.

We are well known for providing the most beautifully finished and professionally cut ERW tubes available in the UK. Once cut, our tubes are deburred to ensure a smooth end result every time. We can promise outstanding results because we always keep up to date with the industry’s latest developments and changes to maintain our position at the forefront. We have also invested in the best equipment to help us perform to all expectations. For the finest ERW tubes and steel tube services in the West Midlands, contact us today so we can start discussing your requirements.