Cutting and deburring tubes

ERW tubes are sturdy, durable and reliable, which makes them an excellent choice for many different applications. They are made from steel plate which is submitted to a process known as electrical resistance welding. This welding uses heat to fuse the edges of the rolled plate together to create a sturdy and tight tube. The resultant ERW tube combines high strength with superior corrosion resistance. In order to offer our customers these tubes for their needs, we can cut them to any size required, as well as deburring them.

An ERW tube is tough, but it can be cut to a custom size with ease. We utilise a number of methods that can be used to cut down a tube to the customer’s exact specification. Water jet cutting is used to create vibration free cuts without damaging the pipe. Contrary to their name, these impressive cutters don’t use water but abrasives, such as silica sand, to perform a strong and precise cut straight through the tube. Perhaps the most accurate method, however, is laser cutting, which produces a cut with a clean edge which allows the tube to be used straight away if needed. Of course, we also have the tools and experience for hand cutting, which is especially useful for smaller tubes.

When cut, a tube often has rough edges which may render it unsatisfactory for use. We can fix the problem through deburring, removing burrs, rough and uneven edges, from the edges of materials to create a much smoother finish. When it comes to deburring, we personally use either the vibro or brush methods. These create a smooth edge to the ERW tube, allowing it to be more easily connected to other tubes and providing a much better aesthetic.

When it comes to ERW tubes, we are the experts. We pride ourselves on creating these tubes to the highest standards and cutting them accurately. We are more than well equipped to cut and debur the tubes, regardless of their shape and size. Our staff have enough expertise to comfortably cut the tubes and, as an ISO 9001 registered company, you can be assured that you will receive only the best possible service from our team.