Using galvanisation is important

We are a company that specialises in creating ERW tube. Our people handle orders of varying sizes for all kinds of customers. In addition, we test them beforehand to make certain they can meet the right requirements.

One of the most important processes relating to steel tubes like ours is galvanisation. This is where you introduce a coating of protective zinc to the metal. Such action stops premature corrosion. The process can offer lots of benefits, including lower repair costs and cheaper maintenance. Moreover, the steel will have an excellent resistance to mechanical damage.

Hot-dip galvanisation

This is one of the more effective ways of safeguarding your steel against corrosion. With it, you dip all of the material into molten zinc, ensuring it covers all the surfaces. As a result there will be no flaws. The corrosion of zinc isn’t rapid. This provides it with a longer life while it defends your base metal.

Cathodic protection

Because of the zinc alloying to the metal, cathodic protection happens. This guarantees that compact areas of steel aren’t weakened by rust. These are the areas that can become exposed due to damage. As opposed to organic coatings, compact damaged areas don’t require patch ups. If the zinc layer remains, the cathodic protection will too.

Take care with brass and copper

ERW tubeYour project might demand contact between brass or copper and galvanised materials. If it does, you should take special care. Be especially careful when dealing with humid or moist settings. Swift corrosion of the zinc can happen here.

At Union Steel Tubes, we can supply an ERW tube that could have one of several finishes. Examples of these include chrome or zinc plating. Deburred is another option we are happy to offer. All we want is for you to have the ideal tubes for your projects.

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