Use more than a single monitoring method

Whenever you supply a product, you need to be sure to give clients enough choice. This is even true when you are working with ERW tubes. As specialists in the field, we can do this and more. We have more than 200 different options. In addition, we are able to get every order to you in good time.

ERW tubesOur goal is to ensure we are producing the highest quality tubing we can. A major part of doing this is understanding that the pipe and tube mills require frequent monitoring. Several variables are at play here. Examples include the edge condition, hardness, and dimensions of the incoming material. There is also the power that is going to the welding unit. Then, there is the state of the mill as the tooling bearings, surfaces and other components wear.

It is possible to eradicate many issues in mills by adhering to proper maintenance schedules. This is in addition to regular setup processes. However, even if you use these, things can still be challenging.

Two things to look at

For great yields with ERW tubes, there are two factors you must concentrate on. These would be sound welds and stretch.

Forge welding is the operation you find on ERW mills. This has separate challenges to that of autogenous welding, the procedure used for TIG mills. On both however, bad or good tubes can pop up when the welding process occurs. You need the right monitoring here.

Previously, the formed pipe section’s shape was somewhat unimportant. You did not need it to be round at the weld point. The vital points were the smallest possible deviation in edge height and parallel edges. The principles from the past have not changed. However, people today put a bigger emphasis on forming their product round. They wish to get rid of any sign of ovality and flat spots. An important thing here is to use the least amount of weld power possible. This is so that you only heat the edges of the material for welding.

Monitor effectively

To be successful when producing tubes, you need more than a single method of monitoring in place. There are numerous choices here. You can merge what you are already using with something else. This will provide you with far better coverage.

We will meet all your specifications for ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, we are certain that we can meet all the specifications of our clients. Our steel cutting service helps us to do this. No matter what length it is you require, our team can provide it to you.

If you are currently in need of ERW tubes, feel free to call us. You can ask us about our tubing, how we monitor the quality, and anything else.