Can ERW tube actually be seamless?

ERW tubeWhen you are looking for metal tubing you may find a huge array of different names for it. For example you might see ERW tube, DOM, or even seamless. The biggest difference is some of the products will have a weld seam where the ends of the metal sheet join after rolling. Usually the type of welding is what gives these specific types of tube their name. For example it could be electric resistance welding or drawn over mandrel.

While it may be true that welded tube will have a seam, it is not always clearly visible. In fact there are a number of ways to remove indications it is even there.

Geometric seamless

One option is to remove the internal and external burrs from the tube. This can remove them to a fraction of a millimetre. As a result it can almost completely hide them so a tube looks like it is seamless. The deburring process can be very effective and produce a continuous aesthetic finish.

Physically seamless

Another option is to process the tubing using a heat treatment. What this can do is address any softening, stress, or differences in the physical structure of the metal in the heat zone. It can also improve the mechanical properties here. What this can do is ensure that the metal in the weld zone has the same coefficient as the base metal. That means there is no physical difference.

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