Two forms of electric resistance welding

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From low to high frequency

ERW steel tubes West MidlandsPeople typically manufacture ERW tubes using cold forming on a steel sheet to roll it into cylindrical form. Next, currents get passed between the steel’s edges. This is to heat the metal to a point where the edges are no longer solid. Then pressure forces them together to create a bond. This is without the aid of any welding filler material. The end result is a tube with a straight seam and relatively small heat zone.

At first, the manufacturing procedure employed low frequency A.C. currents for heating the edges. Manufacturers were using this low frequency approach from the 1920s all the way to the 1970s. During the 70s, the low frequency approach got supplanted by a high frequency one. This led to a weld with better quality. For the greatest ERW steel tubes West Midlands can offer, please call us.

Two effects

The ERW procedure is characterised by two effects; proximity effect as well as skin effect. With the former, a high frequency focuses on the pair of adjacent parallel interior edges on the welded wedge. With the latter, it is a concentration of high frequency current on the exterior.

The effects permit a welding process to happen without releasing much heat. Due to this, the basic material’s structure morphs in a relative small zone. Said zone is around the central line of welds.

While producing ERW tubing, you should only use a certain kind of steel. This would be high quality, fine grain, control rolled, fully killed, low carbon steel. High performance ERW tubing has great toughness and deformability. In addition, it will possess excellent strength and corrosion resistance. These characteristics will all be better when you begin with high quality raw materials.

Supplying ERW steel tubes in the West Midlands

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