Calculating the weight of your tubes

The great thing about ERW tubes is they are perfect for a wide array of different applications. In fact, there are uses for them in almost every industry. On top of this, you can find them in various items in your home, office, and all kinds of commercial and public buildings. If you have a project in mind, Union Steel can supply high quality tubing you can rely on.

Weight is important

ERW tubesWhen you are thinking about your application it is a good idea to calculate how much the tube will weigh. This can have a big impact on things like the installation and transport costs. In some cases the weight could even mean you have to reconsider designs.

A number of different factors will influence the weight of your tubing. Firstly, you need to think about the dimensions of the tube. This includes the outer diameter, the wall thickness, and the length. Generally the wider, thicker, and longer a tube, the more it will weigh.

The type of material will also affect the weight of the tube. Naturally tubing of the same dimensions will be heavier if it is made from a heavy metal like iron or steel. On the other hand, the tube will be lighter if it is a metal like aluminium or titanium.

Surprisingly, different alloys of the same metal can have dramatically different weights. For example, bronze can weigh from 7.4kg/dm3. Leaded bronze on the other hand weighs from 8.8kg/dm3. The addition of heavier lead into the alloy accounts for the extra weight.

Incredibly, even different batches of the exact same alloy can differ slightly in weight. This is because it is tricky to get the composition of the alloy the same each time. The purity of the elements also has an impact.

A final thing to consider is how much extra weight finishing can add to the tube. Things like galvanisation and plating can make your tubing heavier.

Let us help you choose ERW tubes

Union Steel Tubes appreciates how tricky it can be to select the right tubing. Luckily, we can help by offering a very wide range as well as professional advice. We can look at all the important factors, including weight, strength, corrosion resistance, and more. The end result is each client will receive the right products.

If you have any questions about ERW tubes, why not contact us? We are one of the most reputable and knowledgeable manufacturers in our industry.