There are many ways to cut a tube

ERW tubes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. To be specific, we have over 200 different options. With so much stock on offer, satisfying the needs of our customers is a much easier affair. Having been in business since 2004, we also have a considerable level of experience in the industry. Therefore, you can depend on us to offer advice and more.

ERW tubesIn many cases, tubing must be cut for it to meet the necessary specifications. When you are selecting the most suitable option for cutting tubes, you need to think about many elements. There are multiple factors that can influence the cut. These include end conditioning needs, the tube’s wall thickness, and the squareness of the ends. You need to think about them all to ensure you get the right finish.

Thanks to advancements in machinery, it is now far easier to cut tubing. You can do this in a variety of ways, including the options we look at below.

Abrasive cutting

This is a straightforward, manual way of cutting ERW tubes to the specifications. You use a grating saw as well as a gum arrangement wheel or a rough cutting edge. They can be either wet or dry and they toil through your item.

Band saw cutting

This is another technique that people use and is entirely automatic. It is also the most common approach for cutting tube, rod, pipe, and bar. The technique is most suitable for large volume projects. What’s more, the potential for this approach depends on the kind of tubing you select.

A big advantage of band saw cutting is you can use it to produce a myriad of shapes. Examples include extrusions, channels, squares, and rectangles. The majority are mechanised. Some others are component CNCs. Transports make it possible to cut any length of tube.

Cold sawing

This high precision option is appropriate when you are cutting thin-wall tubes. These products require strict tolerances to avoid damage. A cutting fluid and wheel blade are both essential in this procedure. In the majority of cases, they link to a fog lubricator. The sawing process should settle so it does not meander or walk. Frosty sawing generates opposite or square cuts. There are also negligible burrs or none at all.

We can meet all your needs for ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, we strive to offer our customers the greatest possible products. We are properly equipped to meet all your tube and cutting needs. For example, our team have a huge amount of experience and use the best tools and equipment to provide the right tubing.

So, if you would like to use our ERW tubes in your next project, please contact us. Send us your requirements and we will suggest products and services for you.