Stack items using racks for easy storage

In order to satisfy customers, you have to provide what they need. We find this easy to accomplish with our ERW tube products. For one thing, we have a large number of sizes in stock. In addition, we test everything before it can leave our mill or warehouse. This ensures you receive the best possible tubing for your projects.

ERW tubeThe concept behind pallets and racks was to standardise and unitise the storage of various items. The aim was to make storing and handling them much simpler. However, you need to ensure that your forklifts and rack can withstand the pallet weight and size. Your goal should be to design a relatively dense storage scheme that is easy to access. But, it may be a little more challenging to design racks for loads like pipes, tubes, and similar items. You don’t need to panic though, as there are options. Allow us to break them down.

Crank-out cantilever racks

These racks provide users with many of the same accessibility and design options as the regular cantilever ones. However, they can potentially have more storage density for long, heavy loads.

One of the reasons why people like these racks is that the space efficiency is outstanding. They withdraw the load into the rack structure. This enables unitised, tight storage for steel tubes. When you place them beside fabrication machines, it lowers machining time. Additionally, it will maximise square footage around and in work areas.

The load accessibility is also wonderful with these racks. The design enables total access to all your goods at every point in time. Normally, you accomplish this via hand for lighter loads. Alternatively, you use hoists for bulkier loads. If you need ERW tube for racking, make sure you contact us.

Stacking racks

These come in a myriad of configurations. They are robust for storing long parts like tubing. Unlike the cantilever designs, these racks are not bolted to concrete. You don’t permanently install them. This can be beneficial in many facilities.

The stacking racks give you flexibility but reduce the loading and unloading options. But, they are perfect for fluid situations. You may be shifting stock around regularly, requiring you to adapt the space. These stacks allow that.

The capacities are decent with this type of rack too. Users will find that the cost and space efficiency of these designs are both good. As a result, it is worth it to think about using them.

Our priority is first rate ERW tube

At Union Steel Tubes we prioritise supplying first rate merchandise above all else. This is the best way for us to satisfy our customers. Whatever use they have in mind, people can buy our tube with no concerns about the quality.

Another way we satisfy our customers is by delivering their orders quickly. As a result they will have ERW tube in a very short amount of time, even if they order late.

So, if you would like to place an order, please get in touch with us.