The ways in which you can make ERW tubing

Sometimes, standard tubing just doesn’t cut it. In situations such as these, you will need a specialist utensil if you hope to fulfil your plans. As luck would have it, we are one of the finest suppliers of these products. With our ERW tube designs at your disposal, you shouldn’t have any trouble finishing your project.

Carbon and stainless steel tubes are the average kinds of benchmark tubing in use right now. They form a part of the tubular merchandise that we generate to separate standards and specifications. We sell them by nominal pipe sizes, with the sizes usually ranging from 1/8 to 72.

Two of the recurring varieties are seamless and welded. We refer to the latter as ERW tube too if it has been made using electrical resistance welding. For welded carbon steel tubing, the model specification is A53. A312 tends to be the specification for stainless steel creations.

In Nominal Pipe Size (NPS), we normally create ERW tubes in sizes from 1/8 to 24. We produce the welded types by employing flat sheet metals. Afterwards, it’s moulded into a cylindrical formation and welded in a longitudinal fashion.

Different ways of using the current

There are all sorts of ways in which you can utilise the electric current when you weld your rolled strip. For example, you can revolve copper disc, fixed alloy Cu contacts in addition to induction coils. Strategies such as these increase the steel edge’s temperature to 2600°F for more efficient welding. Rolling procedures such as these exercise so much pressure that we end up manufacturing a metal welded seam on the interior and exterior. During the finishing stages, we detach these weld seams.

At Union Steel Tubes, we dedicate ourselves to providing you with the best ERW tube options available. There are plenty of finishes to choose from, including chrome and zinc plated, as well as deburred. That means we offer tubes to suit practically any application.

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