Keep inspecting your mill

As the best ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands has, we do everything we can to satisfy our clients. Our products are available in a plethora of sizes and shapes, making it easier for us to meet those complex requirements. Additionally, we’re capable of managing orders of various magnitudes. In short, nothing is too much for us to handle.

Every day, operators of tube mills come across a series of obstacles during their attempts to create cost effective and superior tubes. We don’t want anyone left unprepared when it comes to generating their tools. To help, we’ve produced a guide on one of the most important actions operators need to take.

The most important action is to check the mill sections frequently. At the very least, you must do this on a monthly basis. However, the frequency can change depending on how you’re using your equipment. Transporting bulkier metals through the complex or inflated production momentum requires more recurrent inspections.

What else do I need to do?

You have to examine your shafts for parallelism, OD, bending, and looseness. You must assess the shoulder alignment as well. Furthermore, you should survey the integrity of your weld box, entry table, side roll boxes, and drive stands. Naturally, you need to review each roll to make sure you’ve installed them on the right stands.

Once every year, you have to align your mill. Normally, this will take one or two days to accomplish. Operators must also know the thickness, width, and composition of those strips entering the mill. They should document all the values too.

At Union Steel Tubes, we can provide you with a myriad of cut and random tube lengths. We test all of our tubing thoroughly and they are quickly dispatched to you once we’ve approved them for use. As a result we are a highly rated ERW steel tube supplier West Midlands businesses appreciate dealing with.

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