The numerous tubing options that we offer you

Our vast experience in the industry makes us the perfect choice for your needs. We stock various sizes and shapes in terms of seamless, pre-galvanised and ERW tubes. These are ready for swift dispatch at your request.

Electric resistance welded (ERW) tubing is created by first rolling steel. This is after we side-trim it to control the width and to condition the edges for welding. We can then cold-form the material into the necessary shape, whether it is circular, oval, square or rectangular. The edges then need forcing together under pressure. Next we weld them together and remove the flash from the exterior of the tube. Finally, sizing rollers ensure the tube reaches the exact size. They also ensure we can straighten the tubing.

The tubes we make are suitable for numerous engineering purposes and use in the automotive industry. The costs to make them are low due in part to the fact that there is minimal post-welding cleaning work. They come in various wall thicknesses, diameters and tolerances but are all high quality.


This form of tubing does not involve welding. Instead, we use a process known as extrusion. What we do is take a solid steel bar and pierce it through the centre with a die. This will turn the solid piece into a round tube.

Many people use this tubing because of the fact that it has high pressure endurance. This provides many commercial uses and allows you to get the dimensional and wall thickness that you require.


Our tubes are also available in a pre-galvanised options. This provides the tubing with a protective layer of zinc. By doing this while the material is still in sheet form, the whole of the tube can benefit. This helps to keep it safer from rust and corrosion.

All types of tubing bring their own complications and obstacles to overcome when creating them. This is where our valuable expertise comes in. We create our products with care and ensure that we only provide you with what meets our high standards. On top of this, if you would like, we can give you advice on what would work best for your project.

To learn more about the extensive selection that we offer you here at Union Steel, get in touch. We can provide you with more details about our products including ERW tubes that many people rely on.