The importance of having parallel edges

Union Steel focuses on a single particular product, high quality ERW tube. It’s true that we are an ISO 9001 registered business. Therefore you can expect the highest quality products. In addition, we can manage orders of all sizes and supply an excellent level of customer service at the same time. In other words, we cover all the angles.

Assembling the edge of a metal strip before it enters an electric resistance welding tube mill makes all the difference to the final product’s quality. Therefore, your preparation must mirror your specifications. Obtaining a great weld requires you to begin with superior edges.

Edge deformities

These flaws move down finned pass rolls. Yet, when you heat them up, they can pull away from the face. This is usually because of the heat. Such issues can produce weld defects and oxidise on both sides. Normally, we refer to these defects as black spots. The motion of these exterior inconsistencies is the result of the magnetic forces and heating in the welding V.

Once a formed can leaves the final finned pass stand, it moves under sliding contacts or an encircling coil. If your edges are parallel to each other, you’ll be able to heat them equally. They must be parallel in the horizontal and vertical planes. You don’t want the base edges to be nearer to each other than the uppermost edges. This is because those edges with the closest proximity will end up being the hottest.

At Union Steel Tubes, we have earned a reputation for being one of the most reliable and versatile contemporary ERW tube companies. Our reliability stems from the fact that we test every tube before it’s distributed. If there’s anything wrong with the product, we’ll make all the necessary changes.

If we can be of assistance to you, please let us know. We can offer tubing to suit a wide array of different needs. Whether you need stock sizes or something unique, rely on us.