The greatness of hollow section structural steel beams

Solid steel beams do have their place in the world of construction. Although, you also have the option to use hollow sections such as ERW tubes. They can be rectangular, square, or circular in nature. From the outside, they seem like any other beam. Yet, the inside is hollow instead of solid, hence the name. You are probably wondering what the advantages of using hollow structural beams are. If you’d like to know, please continue reading.

Lightweight strength

ERW tubesFirstly, you receive lightweight strength. Initially, standard steel beams can appear stronger than hollow ones. This is due to them being solid. But, this isn’t always the case. It is possible for hollows to outperform their counterparts.

To give an example, you tend to get superior protection from torsion movement with hollow section products. The materials existing in the beam have a more even distribution around the axis. Thus, the beam has a lower chance of deforming, bending, or moving. This is if you subject it to movement from high winds or in the ground.

Fully solid beams are heavy as well. This weight can limit your design plans. You may end up spending more money and time creating the proper supporting structure and foundation for your build. If you utilise hollow products, this won’t be an issue. You are not working with solid objects here. They don’t weigh as much or put the same level of pressure on the ground. Not to mention, the strength-to-weight ratio is superior. If you are interested in using ERW tubes, make sure you come to us.

Minimise project costs

Another plus is that you can reduce your project costs. You might make the choice to utilise hollow structural beams for your work. If so, there is a high chance you will experience cost savings.

To give an example, your initial outlay could be lower. Hollow beams don’t use as much steel when they are manufactured compared to solid products. This is because they come with a unified core. If you don’t use as much steel, the price can go down.

The lightweight strength that comes with these beams has cost advantages too. Hollows are usually strong and light enough to span better distances if you compare to solid items. You may not need to employ as many of them to build structures and supports. The fewer beams you have to purchase, the lower your costs in the end.

Benefiting from interior space

Last but not least, you are able to take advantage of the interior of the beam. You may not believe that the interiors are too useful. In truth, it can enhance a build. At times, you are able to place parts of a heating or ventilation system within the beams. What’s more, you can fill them using materials such as concrete to increase the usefulness.

For instance, let’s say you fill the hollows of a beam. Here, you are amplifying its bearing abilities. This is handy if you are intending to use narrow beams but need to offer them more support. Or, you can make use of internal concrete to make beams more resistant to fire.

We’ll get you the right ERW tubes

At Union Steel Tubes, we work hard to ensure clients get the products they need. They could be after our round tubes or box section products. Whatever the case, we’ll help. Not to mention, we see to it that their orders reach them quickly.

So, if you’d like to do business with us for ERW tubes, feel free to get in touch. We can share our knowledge and expertise if you have a specific application in mind.