Creating durable farm gates

Farming is one of the most important industries in the world. However, farmers have to deal with some very tricky conditions. They can also be vulnerable to theft, animal losses, and other serious problems. To minimise the risk, they need the right products. Farm gates can be one of the most important. We want to have a closer look at why here, then if you need ERW tube to create them, you can rely on us.

Limiting access

ERW tubeThe main aim with farm gates is to limit access. They can prevent people from getting into fields, yards, and other areas. In turn, it can make it difficult for thieves to make off with animals, equipment, and other valuables.

In addition, the gates can limit access for livestock when necessary. For example, you may have a gate between pastures. You can close it to prevent animals from getting in while they graze a pasture and then open it when you want to move them on. They can keep animals off roads too.


A great thing about gates is you can design them to suit any need. For example, they can vary in height, length, and design. There are even different options for how they operate. For example, you could choose a simple swing gate or may want to opt for a sliding one on a track. You can even have manual or automated products.

Why use ERW tube?

Leading on from the versatility, you can choose from a range of different materials to make your gates. Timber is a classic option and is still popular in some locations. However, there are some flaws with it, including the risk of rot and wear and tear. Plus, determined thieves could cut or smash through timber with relative ease.

Steel ERW tubing is a great option for farm gates. The tubes are strong and durable, able to withstand bumps by heavy vehicles and livestock. Thieves will have a hard time getting past them. Plus, with the right protective coating they can last for a very long time, even in harsh weather. The steel won’t rot or warp.

The steel ERW tube also provides some surprising performance advantages. Tubing can be quite light because it is hollow. That means you can have strong study gates that will still be easy to open and close.

Finally, the tubing gives you plenty of flexibility when it comes to gate designs. You can do a lot with tube, including bending into different shapes. Welding and different types of end forming make it easier to attach sections together too. What you have is more freedom to choose a design that works for you. This can include taller livestock gates if necessary.

Ask us for help

Union Steel Tubes is one of the UK’s most reliable experts if you want ERW tube. We provide consistent high quality tubing for a variety of needs. Clients can come to us for square, rectangle, round, or even oval tubes. This gives them a lot of choice and the ability to create all manner of products, including gates.

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